NSXPO is the single largest gathering of NSX owners, drivers, and enthusiasts outside of Japan. Over a long weekend, NSX Club of America members come take part in track days, share stories, meet industry guests and vendors, and of course, drive their NSXs.  The event is over 20 years old, but this is the first time it has ever been hosted in Washington, DC.  NSXPO has been sponsored by Acura and they typically send a number of corporate representatives and have a strong official presence at the event.

While regional chapters run events around the country, NSXPO is the primary event for the entire club to gather. Historically, around 200 – 250 enthusiasts bring about 100 NSXs to NSXPO as it moves from region to region across the US each year. Attendance is typically strongest from the hosting region although a significant percentage of owners will go every year regardless of location and the number of international attendees (especially from Japan and Europe) has grown in recent years.

NSXPO is closed to the general public and is a members only event

 The standard format is a two-day High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) at a nearby track and a two-day social event.  Participation in the track event is lower than the social event, but over recent years there has been a mingling of the two events as more social elements have been included at the track.  The social event typically includes local features and attractions, incorporates guest speakers and attendees, and organizes car- or industry-related tours. The event wraps up with a banquet dinner.

In 2019, we will be running an HPDE event at Summit Point West Virginia on Oct 9 & 10th (Wed/Thurs) and hosting the social event at the Gaylord Resort and Hotel in National Harbor on Oct 11 & 12th (Fri/Sat).  There will be a welcome reception Thursday evening, a dinner cruise Friday evening and a banquet at the Gaylord on Saturday.

Should I stay at the Host Hotel?

A lot of people think it is a good idea to attend NSXPO, but decide not to stay at the host hotel for a variety of reasons most of them boiling down to cost.  You are missing out on quite a lot when you do this because the key thing that attendees identify as the primary reason to attend NSXPO is to interact with other NSX owners. 

While a lot of this occurs during the day time, the truth of the matter is that you are often busy doing activities.  The best social interactions occur in the mornings and evenings – over breakfast or over an evening drink.  I know that I personally have some of my fondest memories from those times.

Staying at the hotel with the NSXPO attendees allows you to share so much more time together and really NSXPO is not about banquet dinners or special events, but rather about bringing people with similar passions together to share their experiences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have the conversation of a lifetime by not staying at the hotel.