Hello Everyone,

Here in the MidWest, we are blessed to be “The Center of the NSX Universe” – with the Honda / Acura Marysville, OH development, testing and production facilities central to all our region members.   As you all know, we’ve been working hard to expand our membership, get more member (and spouse) involvement and provide more perceived value for your investment.  Some of the major barriers for our region has been the expanse of geography we cover, the “hibernation effect” of the seasonal weather and the ability to have timely and effective communication to make things happen.

Thankfully, through the investment and dedicated effort of our NSXCA leadership, we now have this new website that also provides a regional specific solution for truly improving our communication and member connectivity.   I encourage everyone to utilize this new website’s regional blog going forward as our preferred method of common communication and sharing.   This can help to make us “closer to each other” in our region, despite the geographical distances between us.

As always, your advice, comments, and criticisms are continually welcomed.   Your assistance to help us be more successful would absolutely be appreciated by me and all members.

Regards,   …   and looking forward to your responses!

– Wes