NSXPO 2021 is only two months away and the team is excited to welcome attendees to Portland, Oregon from August 4-8!  

At this point, Oregon guidelines have not allowed us to increase capacity for the event, so we are unable to process anyone currently on the waitlist to move them to a confirmed attendee status.  If you are on the waitlist and would like to remove yourself and receive a full refund, please reach out to us at NSXPO@nsxca.org.

We will provide another update on waitlist status in two weeks on Wednesday June 16.  At that time, if we are not able to process anyone on the waitlist, we will offer any individuals still on the waitlist a full refund then as well.

We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times as the team works hard to hold a safe and fun NSXPO for everyone!

A big thanks to NSXPO 2021 sponsors for supporting this year’s event!