With NSXPO 2016 fast approaching we wanted to update everyone on just one more positive outcome of NSXPO 2015.  With the cooperation of American Honda, we were able to hold a “Ride the New NSX” raffle during NSXPO 2015.   The three winners not only were able to ride in the 2017 NSX before the media but did so on the track at Thermal Raceway.

But wait – there’s more………..

Their pilot for the new NSX track experience was none other than Peter Cunningham!

Through the sale of raffle tickets the NSX Club of America raised $2000 and we are pleased to report that the funds have been donated and the Foundation has expressed their gratitude with this note:

“We got your sponsorship form and check for Ride for Kids, and we just wanted to say how grateful we are for your support in our mission to cure the kids! On the form, you did not specify which event you wanted your sponsorship to count towards, so I was hoping to clarify that with you. Was it for the Hudson Valley event or Utica event (both are in New York and that’s the address we have on file for you)? If so, we can credit it towards those events for next year, but the deadline for them for this year has already passed. If you want to be counted as a sponsor for this year, I can credit it towards one of our events that have not happened yet. Here’s a link to our page with the rides that can still accept funds: http://www.curethekids.org/events/ride-for-kids/full-event-list.html#.V9l5hZgrKUk

Please let me know what you would like for us to do. Again, thank you so much for your support and generosity!

All the best,

Evelyn Barnes

Evelyn Barnes
National Campaign Assistant

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

302 Ridgefield Ct. | Asheville, NC 28806″

We may be “just” a car club and a small one necessarily due to the exclusivity of owning an exotic that is not mass produced but the NSXCA is always looking for ways to make a big impact when it comes to helping children.  Whether it be Sponsoring the Ride for Kids on behalf of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation or another worthy organization such as Camp Good Days, a residential camp for children afflicted with and/or affected by cancer, the NSX Club of America strives to make a difference.

We are only able to do this through the generosity of our members and on behalf of many special children we THANK YOU for helping us make a difference!


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