From the Secretary, NSX Club of America, Inc.                    

2020 NSXCA Board of Directors Election

The governing body of our Club, the NSXCA Board of Directors is made up of four (4) elected officers and six (6) regional representatives.  The regional representatives are elected by members of their region. All Board members (officers and regional representatives) serve 3-year terms.  This year, we will be electing our President and the regional representatives from the SouthCentral and NorthWest, for three year terms.

Deadlines.  Please note that the deadline is midnight in the time zone where the member is located for each date for the election.

Nominations.  The Secretary will accept nominations until August 15, 2020. Each nomination must be accompanied by a written acceptance from the person nominated. It is the obligation of the person making the nomination to acquire this written acceptance and to send it, or to have it sent to the Club Secretary.