JUNE  14 , 2019


Club members – we appreciate you and your membership.  THANKS for joining our community of NSX enthusiasts.  The Board and Officers appreciate you, our members and thank you for being part of our exclusive Club community.  Reach out to us anytime at info@NSXCA.org.

NSXPO 2019

Join NSX enthusiasts in Washington DC for a capital adventure between Oct 9-13.  The event kicks off with a High Performance Driving event hosted by Chin Track Days on Wednesday & Thursday followed by the social event in National Harbor starting Thursday evening and running to Sunday.  Attendees are encouraged to come early for the best fall driving on Wednesday & Thursday in the Shenandoah Valley.  The Social event will take you on a group drive through the legendary Skyline Drive which has an abundance of scenic overlooks, an evening river boat cruise along the Potomac and of course another great banquet dinner.

For more information go to https://nsxca.org/nsxpo/ 

Email questions to NSXPO@nsxca.org.  Know someone who might want to participate at NSXPO as a vendor?  Be sure to email the team as we have lots of opportunities available to fit every need.


NSX Driver issues can be viewed at anytime at https://nsxca.org/nsx-driver/ on the website:   NSXCA.org.  The second issue of NSX Driver for 2019 will be posted very soon as a digital issue. We will print and mail hardcopy issues for subsequent 2019 issues (Issues 3 and 4).  We welcome your contributions to NSX Driver.   Please send topics and ideas for articles to info@NSXCA.org.  


The 2019 annual election of officers and regional representatives will be held this summer.    This year, we will be electing our Treasurer and the regional representatives from the Southwest and Northeast, for three year terms. The Secretary will accept nominations until August 15, 2019. 

The Southcentral regional representative position is vacant.  Nominations can be submitted to the Board for this position.

Ballots and written statements will be emailed by approximately September 15, 2019.   Voting will take place via NSXCA.org.   In addition, ballots emailed to info@nsxca.org will be accepted until 5:00 PM on September 30, 2019. Results will be announced at NSXPO 2019 on Saturday, October 12, 2019.


Our second member survey is planned to be sent this month.    We want your feedback and we respect your time.   Our last survey was approximately two years ago.  The board is interested in your views and thoughts.  We encourage you to participate.    We review every comment and track the trends. THANKS in advance for responding. 


Do you have questions?   Would you like to talk with the officers and regional representatives?   Our next townhall is planned for August.   Look for more information on NSXCA.org and via email.