The NSXCA Board of Directors is composed of 4 elected officers and 6 Region Representatives elected by members of their region. All board members serve 3-year terms.

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Elected Officers

President (2020-22)

Having been immersed in every aspect of the NSX since the beginning I am very honored to be the new President of the NSXCA. I am also very proud to serve alongside the Club’s other dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable Officers and Regional Representatives. I know all of us share a deep love of the NSX in all of its iterations. For my part I am hopeful that my unique perspective can help our members better enjoy their cars and this camaraderie for years to come. I intend to build on the positive initiatives already in place and find new ways of uniting both generations of this special nameplate. I plan to continue to build the strength of the NSXCA for us and future generations of NSX owners and enthusiasts.

Vice President (2019-21)

Self-proclaimed world traveler (all 7 continents) & foodie (pursuing Michelin stars), I count among my passions a love of all things NSX – especially my 1995 Midnight Purple Pearl NSX!

Originally from Chattanooga, I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Computer Science degree. Now I’m a Californian working at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto.

I am in my 12th year serving as the NSXCA Vice President & thank you for the opportunity to do so!

May a.k.a. Ms. Purple!!

Secretary (2019-21)

I first joined NSXCA with my husband Neal 12 years ago after helping Neal buy his first NSX. This is my first year and term as Secretary and I have big shoes to fill. My goals for NSXCA are to continue to improve our social media presence and member services, including membership and event registration. I am excited to welcome to our Club new NSX owners – all years and mods. I also am happy to personally to serve as a communication link between members and leadership. THANKS to all of you for being my co-members and sharing my passion for Acura and NSXs.

Treasurer (2020-22)

When I first saw an NSX in the flesh, it was love at first sight – but at that stage of our family life, a two-seat supercar made absolutely no sense. Fortunately, it didn’t take too many years before a 1991 Berlina Black entered our world… and of course we joined the NSXCA.

Fast forward to 2013: We moved from San Francisco to Phoenix and joined Arizona’s small, vibrant, NSX community. We wrapped the NSX sparkly white, began attending NSXPO and WestFest, and made many, many friends in this world-class automobile club.

Thank you for choosing the NSX Club of America. We wish you many years of enjoyment of the world’s greatest everyday supercar and hope to see you at a club event soon.

Appointed Positions

Chief Technology Officer

Lots of great credentials here, type something long but not too long that showcases why you are a great fit for this job and why our membership should now show up with torches and pitchforks to throw you out of the house.  Be truthful, but not entirely truthful because lets face it, your qualifications for this posistion are a bit lacking and if you don't lie a little bit no one is going to believe that you do anything other than take up a lot of space on this website with overly long worded descriptions of credentials you fail to possess. 

The NSX Club of America (NSXCA) is the official Acura NSX owners club in North America

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