2019 NSXCA President 3 Candidates
(alphabetical order of last names)

Peter Cunningham

Vote for Pedro

As the President of the NSX Club of America these past three years I have enjoyed building friendships with so many NSX owners and enthusiasts. The love and appreciation for both generations of NSX is infectious and I am honored to be a part of that family.

As you may know, I was lucky to be a part of the NSX story from the beginning, working as the test driver for American Honda’s Special Projects department as Acura’s new supercar was prepared for road racing. Fast forward 26 years later, my RealTime Racing team was commissioned to support Honda Performance Development’s final tuning of the NSX GT3. These experiences don’t necessarily make me a good club president but definitely solidified my passion for the brand.

I look forward to the next three years as we navigate the challenges the world has placed before us and build growth for the NSXCA by offering a better value to its members. Many positive initiatives are already in place and I will strive to find new ways of uniting both generations of this special nameplate. I plan to continue to bolster the strength of the NSXCA for us and future generations of NSX owners and enthusiasts.

As always, please feel free to drop me a line with your comments and ideas. And thank you for entrusting me with your vote!

May a.k.a. Ms. Purple!!

Dear members,

The position of NSXCA President is a huge responsibility
requiring passion, leadership experience, and lots of energy…
qualities I’ve demonstrated in my past 14 years as Vice President.

Here are some of the important contributions I’ve made:

  • Drove website relaunch efforts & contributed numerous posts
  • Created NSX Driver editorial calendar to ensure quality articles & timely publication
  • Democratized special assets (e.g. Quail tickets) for member access beyond the Board
  • Championed bi-annual survey to learn from members where we can improve
  • Cultivated excellent long-term relationships with Acura & other sponsors
  • Helped sponsor NSXPO with personal donations
  • Promoted support for NSXCA with outreach to Jay Leno, Adam Carolla,
    George Lucas, Michael Shank & more
  • Worked on NSXCA’s first-ever Virtual NSXPO for 2020

Here are some of the goals I’d like to pursue if I’m elected:

  • Restore fiscal health through better management & increased revenue
    (through advertising, NSXCA merch sales, etc.)
  • Relaunch NSXCA store on our website to offer exclusive items
  • Promote sponsors on our website via ads & links
  • Upscale membership cards to include colorful NSX iconography
  • Publish 4 hardcopy issues of NSX Driver annually
  • Reinstate regional member subsidies for club events

The future of the NSXCA is bright. With my leadership I know we will be successful in making the club even more valuable to all of you.

I ask for your vote for NSXCA President. Thanks for your consideration!

Nathan Robertson

MISSION: Make membership an overwhelmingly compelling value proposition by investing in our digital ecosystem, and community-driven regional activities.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What impact can I make in 90 days?
    • Establish a comprehensive digitally integrated platform geared towards:
      1. aggressive expansion and membership growth via grassroots local efforts
      2. Overhaul digital ecosystem to enhance and support a thriving community.
      3. Raise quality bar for board of directors and regional reps in order to keep leadership accountable and in-touch with its constituent’s past, present and future.
    • Establish recurring community activities:
      1. NSX of the Month contest – Winners featured in yearly calendar (voting system also to be used for elections)
      2. Monthly meet in each region.
      3. Regional festivals each spring.
    • Two new membership levels: (details forthcoming)
      1. Silver – FREE! (digital, app only)
      2. Gold – 3.95/mo
      3. Platinum – $50/yr
    • Increase transparency and quality bar for board & region reps.
      • Quarterly member meetings & progress reports for board of directors relative to membership growth.
      • Revise and expand region rep responsibilities.
  3. How am I adding value to club members currently?
    • Spearheading creation of Community Portal app – One-stop for all things NSXCA: Contest, events, social, etc.
    • Consolidate, secure, and expand digital assets neglected by NSXCA leadership.
    • Assemble coalition of members to petition bylaw amendment appointing a Chief Technology Officer to the board of directors.

We have the technology – Lets build the community we deserve, together.

Northwest Region Representative 2 candidates (alphabetical order of last names)

Richard Ly

Having grown up in the Honda game and always dreaming of owning an NSX, it’s been a great experience to be a member in this community. After a few S2000s, a childhood fantasy finally came true in the summer of 2013 when I found my black 1996. I’ve been a member since then and it’s been great getting to know all the great members of our tight knit community.

My family arrived in Seattle in 1983 and it’s been home ever since. After serving 4 years in the Navy and a short stint as a tech at Mercedes, life led me to government work. There’s nothing like getting lost behind the wheel of the NSX so whenever I get a chance, that’s where you’ll find me…..targa top off of course.

In early 2018, I grabbed a few friends and make the drive down to WestFest which lit the spark to revive the PacNW chapter to more activity and meets. We’ve come to a point where we’ve set monthly meets and annual drives with success and I’d like to carry the momentum into the future and would love to bring along the NC1s into the club and bridge the gap between the 2 models so to speak. There’s so much the PacNW has to offer and I would relish the opportunity to nourish and expose that to the community. I love new challenges and being an integral part of the NSX community would be a very welcomed one.

Brian Miller

My name is Brian Miller and I am running for the NW regional position. I have owned my car and been a member of the NSXCA since 2008.

What I would like to do is grow our local club and get more members excited about it like I am. We have been doing minimal events here and that needs to change. Adding more members to the NSXCA and having the old and new owners participate more would just make it that much better.

I would also like to have a regional mini NSXPO every year up here like Westfest for all the members that can’t make it to either NSXPO or Westfest in Vegas.

A lot of the new owners and some of the older ones don’t even know about signing up for NSXCA and the benefits that come with it. Making the website easier to navigate and/or adding an app since most people are using their phones to do most of the event planning would be something that is needed also.

Organization and communication to the members seems to not happen and I would like to change that.

I am excited to be a larger part of the NSXCA if I am elected, and will work my hardest to help everyone have as much fun as I have with the other members.

Thank you for your consideration.

Southcentral Region Representative 1 candidate

Ed Somers

My name is Ed Somers aka “Lostbuckeye” and I’m running to be your South-Central Region Representative. My goal is to help build a larger and more active membership of NSX owners throughout our region which includes, AR, LA, MS, OK, TX. and to organize a bid to bring an NSXPO to our region in the near future with your help.

I live in San Antonio, TX and am the owner of a 2002 Imola Orange Pearl NSX. I have been a member of NSXCA since 2013 and have attended our regional and national events every year since 2013. I’m a retired Banker and served 7 years as Executive Director of a non-profit small business development center under the San Antonio Economic Development Dept. I’ve also served and continue to serve on the boards of several non-profits in the area over the 30 years I’ve lived in San Antonio. Including, Chairman of the Board of a large homeless facility.

Please vote for me and let’s get this regional membership going and growing. But most importantly, let’s organize more ways to enjoy the ownership of these wonderful NSXs, that each of us have worked so hard to be fortunate to own, as a group of enthusiasts.