2020 Northeast Region Dinner @ Marcello's Restaurant
Apr 18 @ 5:30 pm
2020 NSXPO @ Oregon Garden Resort
Aug 26 – Aug 30 all-day
2020 NSXPO @ Oregon Garden Resort

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HPDE Room Reservations are located on track registration page

NSXPO is coming to Washington DC in October of 2019 for the first time ever and we are extremely excited to have you all here. If all goes well with the weather, the trees should present a spectacular fall display and the temperatures pleasant. There is a lot more to DC than just the monuments and the museums and we have been working hard to build a schedule that will let you see as much of it as you can! The hotel we have chosen this year is the Gaylord Resort at National Harbor – a spectacular convention centered located on the Potomac River at the southern tip of the beltway.

The High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) will take place at Summit Point Motorsports in West Virginia (just across the border) which is about 2 hours from the host hotel and will be managed by Chin Motorsports. Summit main is a great track for people who have never tracked their car before, so we encourage people to consider getting your NSX out to its natural habitat and learning how to safely manage it at speed. It really is one of the best things you can do to learn how to handle your vehicle and is almost guaranteed to make you a safer (and faster) overall driver.

Summit Point is located in the Shenandoah Valley region which has some absolutely amazing driving roads and rich Civil War history. We encourage non-HPDE participants to come out early and let your car cruise through the winding back roads of Virginia – it is an experience any driving enthusiast will not regret! So consider coming early and getting the most out of your DC experience!

You can find a full schedule of events here.

If you have questions or comments that you don’t want to share in this space, please feel free to email me directly. Also if you are interested in being a sponsor and would like more information, please email me as well. I can be contacted at NSXPO@NSXCA.org

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Washington DC!